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Monday, March 9, 2015

Who invented Mondays?

That person should be spanked and not the 50 shades of grey kind of spanking either.

I went to the gym today YAY me. I feel so comfortable at that gym and I find it kinda neat.

Not going to blog everyday I think, well never say never but I am trying to set a goal of at least 3-4 times a week. Mostly as a way for me to get things out. I am feeling quite alone these days. My mom moved to Norway last July and also my "sister in law", and now my best friend (lol like BFF) moved to Norway as well and it might be silly but I feel alone. I have my boyfriend and my son but I ugh don't know I'm just weird.

 Mondays workout

Going to the store straight after the gym, starving and in need of protein, 
I had to deal with my weakness for Easter eggs. They were freaking everywhere.


  1. Aww! Sorry you're feeling lonely! It's hard when the people you love move away- especially so many at once. But thank goodness for phones and social media, so at least you can keep in touch. :)

    Yay for the gym! No yay for those damn Easter eggs. Gah! They're EVERYWHERE here too! My MIL gives us each big Easter baskets full of candy every year. Which is great and nice and all.... BUT my husband called her this week and asked her to fill them with hardboiled eggs and fruit instead. Cole can have his candy basket because he'll squirrel it away anyway and doesn't actually eat that much candy, but Nate and I don't even want that stuff in the house. We're wiring ourselves different now, you know?



  2. I totally don't get the work 5 days, rest for 2 days. I think it should be 4 days rest, then 3 days work.

    It's not silly that you feel alone - but it does suck. Husbands and kids are awesome, but having a mom and friend move away is tough. It's awesome that you feel so comfortable at the gym. I hope I can feel like that at some point.