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Saturday, March 14, 2015

worst storm of the winter on my birthday

Apparently the storm on Tuesday was not enough so the weather gods sent us an even bigger one now, it has hurricane winds and lots and lots of rain. The lights are blinking, the neighbours car alarm keeps going off and I keep seeing things fly by my 3rd floor window. And on the weather news yesterday the lady said we should be getting another storm on Monday but on Tuesday we should have a nice calm weather for at least a day she said and it just made me laugh.

I weighed in today, only lost 0.1 kg (0.22 lbs), not a happy camper since I went to the gym 4 times and yesterday I even went for 90 minutes and burned 1077 calories. I was going to go today as well so I would have less guilt over eating my pepper foal steak with homemade bernaise sause for dinner and I will also get Icelandic pancakes (kinda like crepes) that are super thin and served with fresh fruit and whipped cream. But I decided I don´t give hoot (mainly since I can´t go to the gym due to the weather) and I am going to eat it without guilt and just kill it better in the gym next week.

have a nice weekend guys

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