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Monday, January 7, 2013

last day of christmas

So yesterday was officially the last day of Christmas here in Iceland. And for the first time I think ever, we did not have a fancy dinner and all that, rather we just had yummy lamb chops because I am lucky enough to have parents "in laws" that live on a farm and they supply us with loads of lamb meat which is my favorite. Part of last day of Christmas usually entails that you take down your decorations and this day is the 13th day after the 24th of December, and it is the day the last of the 13 Santas goes back home to the mountains. I have not taken down my decorations, perhaps part of that is due to me being lazy, but mostly I don't mind having it up. I keep the lights in the windows sometimes till February but usually I just take them down when I see others are doing so, and honestly its dark here almost 24/7 so most people leave the lights up for a while.

We did a 180 on the abroad trip. We are skipping NYC and going to London instead, mainly because both of us are in school and finding a time to go was not working out so well, and we also thought well 6 hours in a plane is a bit long for such a short trip. So I´d rather fly to London in 2-3 hours. Going for 3 nights, arriving early and leaving late so that is good. Going to see if we cant start on buying presents for next Christmas and maybe a b-day present for you kid who will be 12 in March gosh I´m feeling old hahaha.

Well I´m off to that bike, gotta use it while I can. Work today and school and stuff.

update: 39 minutes/18.2 km(11.3 miles) on my bike, the bike kcal said 202 kcal, MFP said 525 kcal and my HRM said 659 kcal. What would you pay more attention to, MFP or my HRM? its a wrist kind not the one with the strap on my chest.



  1. I love the Christmas lights too!

    I have been told that the only true way to measure calories is with the HRM. That is supposedly the most accurate. I have a HRM that wraps around the chest and transmits to the wrist monitor. I would go with the HRM. Keep up the great work!

  2. I love learning about different traditions through out the world. Thank you for this one!