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Friday, January 4, 2013

trip to New York, need help

Hi all, OK so bf and I are planning a long weekend to New York in the middle of May. Going to save going back to Orlando until 2015. Yup I am a super planner. Anywhoots, have any of you gone? How much am I able to see in lets say two days, one day we are planning on renting a car to go over to New Jersey and shop our arses of in the usual outlet stuff.

Also would you stay in Long Island / Queens and use the tube to get to Manhattan, it seems that this is way less expensive. ARG need some help I am getting a little lost haha I am not really that much of a snob but I dont want any bed bugs or hotels that get less than stellar reviews.

So anything you can help me with would be so appreciated

Luvs from chilly Iceland, which by the way is having 8 degrees C and rain in January! that is like seeing a white raven.


my eyes look like square boxes after all this hotel searching, but I think I´ve found the one. The Verve hotel in Queens, its cheaper than staying in Manhattan, now I just need to book the flights+room and voila!  so now the question is how much can I lose until May 15th?


  1. I have no New York tips...completely jealous here! Have a great time!

    1. aww thanks, let just hope I wont go insane trying to plan this

  2. I also have no tips, but want to wish you safe travel and look forward to pictures!

  3. You could probably spend 2 days alone in Manhattan. NY is huge. If I remember correctly Long Island is about an hour from Manhattan. With NY traffic it will probably take a bit longer. I would say your best bet is to google attractions in NY and decide what you want to see. The Statue of Liberty is cool if you've never been there.

    I grew up in Jersey. Have fun!