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Monday, December 17, 2012

I passed! fill + did 8 km today

OK so I passed that awful calculus exam. I got 70% which is fine by me. I would not say no to a better grade but I am sooo glad I passed and never have to do that again.

As a result I have booked a house in Orlando for the latter half of May, will book flights tonight when I can get my hands on the bf's wallet haha.

Tomorrow is my first fill I hope. I can not wait until I can go at least 3-4 hours between meals not like the 2-3 hours that is the present. I am a bit scared, saw some posts that it can be painful but am trying to be optimistic and take Pollyanna view on this whole thing.

My scale keeps greeting me with such happy news each morning. I wonder when I will hit my plateau. I am also a bit scared of starting to exercise much. I mean I am losing about 1+ pound a week. And I am scared it will run of like butter if I start full on exercising and it scares me because of the excess skin I will have. 

Anywhoots I did 20 minutes on my bike and kept it on between break 7-10 for most of it and I can feel that in my thighs. Those 20 minutes resulted in 8 km or 4.97 miles. I know I can do longer but then the break is more like 5 so I want to try and alternate between heavy and light cycling. 

Think that is about it. Now I am off to your blogs and catching up, been working all weekend and not on blogland. Will post about the fill tomorrow. I so hope he will fill me. Its almost been 7 weeks post op

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  1. Congrats on passing your exam!! Thats great! My fills havent been painful at all. My doctor gives me a numbing shot before they actually inject the fluid and the numbing shot is a tiny pin prick. Hopefully your doctor will do the same! Good luck and thanks for sharing!