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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

first fill not so bad

I could hardly eat my breakfast this morning, I did not think at first that I was nervous about the fill, but clearly I was. I finally finished it just in time to drive to the town where the surgeon rents an office while in Iceland. Not a minute to spare when I finally arrived, the visit took probable about 5 minutes total, asked my current weight and I asked him bout bite sizes and stuff, then up on the bench and wow is he a pro or what, the fill took less than half a minute or round that. It did hurt a bit, but not that bad really, I´d say it was worse than getting your blood taken but it was so short it did not matter. So now I have 5 ml in my band. And I hope that means I will soon find that green zone. I am on soft foods today and tomorrow then just back to normal.

Cant wait to step on the scale on Thursday :)

toodles, and sorry I posted on the silent blog day, my heart goes out to all the families. I can not even begin to imagine their loss.

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  1. Congrats on your first fill! I was excited about it too!