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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Ok so I am finally done with my exam. I think I have passed but I don't want to say I'm 100% about it just in case. But my gut says yes.

Speaking of the gut, girls the gut is getting smaller. I swear I see such a difference in the mirror. I took measurments before I went to the UK and now 4 weeks after lap band. I have lost 11 inches, 2.8 from my waist, 1.97 from my thighs, the same from my hips and I even lost 1 cm from my neck I think that is AWESOME.

Now its weigh in tomorrow but I am not really expecting to have lost a lot since I have not moved for a week due to extreme cramming, I almost lived at school while studying and am so glad to be home again haha. Next step is to start moving my shrinking butt.

My back is getting better, but ugh grinding these tablets is disgusting, they taste awefull. I think the fact that my bag was around 22 pounds might explain it a tad bit.

I can not wait till Christmas is here. We have bought all presents except mine and my bf's. Total of 31 presents if we include us. It can be a bad thing coming from a divided family. And if this is the only thing I can think of in that case gosh I must have been so lucky.

I´m going to start catching up on your blogs

Toodles bandsters


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    1. you bet I am. Hey what are you eating? I am really out of ideas for school lunches at the moment. I mostly eat a tortilla wrap with chicken, beef, ham eggs and that kind of stuff. There are so few options at the store that are premade, and not that I am getting sick of the tortillas I need something else to take with me to school.

  2. Congrats!! And way to keep driving forward!!