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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

back in the saddle

So instead of sticking my nose in the chemistry books I put on my workout clothes and sat my arse on that bike. I did 38 minutes of hard/easy intervals and then did 2x20 rounds of squats and 3x20 sit ups (btw I am so not able to sit up but it is a start).

This is what the bike said in regards to the calories I burnt (203 kcal)

But this is what my heart rate monitor said, the one with the strap on thingy (512 kcal)

And I ended with a total of 621 kcal burnt after the squats and sit ups as well.  

I think I did a semi good job since I had a very annoying headache it would have been so easy not to do  any homework and not exercise so a slight pat on the back is in order I think. Weigh in and TTT tomorrow.

Ooooh and I found two nice steak houses in London which we are going to go to, well we´re going to chose one but I think I know which one I want but who knows I might let bf chose.

toodles my lovlies

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