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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, February 14, 2013

TTT and weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 112.9 kg or 248.9 pounds
Loss this week: -0.5 kg or -1.1 pounds
Total loss: 14.1 kg or 31.1 pounds

I am getting back into gear. I am still going to the doctors on Monday but I am starting to think I might not need another fill. I am managing 3-4 hours between meals so I am on target in that regard and after getting the diet a bit together looks like the scale is going to start going down again.

Now on to TTT thanks to the awesome Laura Belle

1. Today is Valentines day, it is a newly established theme here in Iceland and I am a bit lame and am not participating. We have our Icelandic equivalent and I am sticking to them. Also I dont have a romantic bone in my body.

2. I hate cold sores!! Like hate it with vengeance! I really should have shown my BF this e-card when we started dating. I was free of it till I met him damn it. This one is the size of some enormous celestial planet you have never heard of. 

3. My kid went up north for Ash Wednesday (Icelandic Halloween) he serenaded the businesses to give him 1.5 kg of candy that's 3.3 pounds! Well he has gathered much more, apparently he and his friend just thought "hey well this is enough for this year". A teen relative once collected about 5 kg / 11 pounds of candy by going almost everywhere.

4. I am invited to a wedding in Norway. One of my best friends is getting hitched and I am trying my damn best to get there. I have most likely gotten time off work. She will house me so no hotel required. So I am like 98% likely to make it. WHOOP!!

5. I will be making a wedding cake this summer, see #4. Me and the bride are thinking of something like this. But it will be more like red/burgundy color on white and it will most likely have a rose themed stencil, simple but pretty. 

6. I should be studying. But instead I am trying my damn hardest to figure out 10 things to share. 

7. I have a slight shoe obsession. I am not sure how my weight loss will affect my credit cards since I will be able to buy and wear all the shoes I like. I am glued to my Converse these days, thankfully I have two pairs. I want a pair in every color and design. I also am dreaming about those sneakers with a hidden heal I droool when I see them. I am hoping to find a pretty pair in London in March. But I think if I start buying every shoe I want I´ll have to get a bigger apartment. See how pretty they all are. WANT 'EM ALL!!!

8. I hate having to come up with an idea for dinner. I wish it would just automatically be decided and of course it has to be ever so yummy and consider what a picky eater I am. But until that magically happens I am stuck with this question ever day " whats for dinner" and almost never have an answer.

9. I have mentioned my nail polish addiction. Well it just got a whole lot worse. I found that one of the pharmacys I am working for just started selling a new brand called HD Ruby Kisses. They are cheap and OMG! love the colors. I just bought 8 of the colors but again as with the shoes I WANT 'EM ALL! see all the pretty pretty colors.

10. Guess I am more of a girly girl than I ever imagined, yikes that is a strange feeling. I would rather say I am a tomboy with an affinity for shoes, and nail-polishes. Yup that works better for me.


  1. Ah - I'm part of the shoe and polish whore club too! Welcome!

  2. I wish I could do my nails all pretty and girly like. I can do my toes ok...but my nails, nope, especially painting the right hand with the brush in my left. I look like a 3 year old when I'm done. Ha!