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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crazy person at the store

yup that would be me. I was at the store shopping for this experimental chicken dish I found online. That's not the crazy part. That would be the conversation I had with my inner candy loving self. I saw so much I wanted I even did a lil double step when I walked past something so delicious and it is not usually available at the store but I kept going. So YAY me but ugh I felt like a lunatic and it probably showed. Rows of candy, fresh baked bread and other baked goods all caught my attention.
Worse is that I am seeing signs that Easter is just round the corner and I know this because this is what I saw

The tradition is you get a chocolate Easter egg stuffed with candy and apparently they are arriving to the store now. This is just the beginning, there will be rows and stands and inescapable amounts of this chocolate torture for me to bare. But I have decided I will get an egg. Just not a 1 kg one like I once had (chocolate coma anyone) which took be bout 2 days to finish. Thinking more long the lines of those little ones on the top shelf. I wonder if they have CA you know like AA but it would stand for Chocolate Anonymous cause I think I might need it someday.

Anywhoots just needed to vent.  I will post a picture of the meal out yummy haha Parmesan and chicken cant go wrong or can they?


  1. Great willpower! I won't even go down the candy or chip isle at the store. I stay away from the bread isle too! No sense on even tempting myself.

    1. they are so clever, if you want to get milk you have to walk past all the ice cream, candy and new baked goods and that means constant temptation