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Thursday, February 7, 2013

TTT and weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 113.4 kg or 250.0 pounds
Gain this week: +0.1 kg or +0.2 pounds
Total loss: 13.6 kg or 30.0 pounds

OK I am going to give TTT another try. Did it once and don't think it was a fun read but I should say "who cares" but I care, I don't want to be writing boring stuff all the time hahaha

1. What is up with this Icelandic weather? Today we had, rain, snow, sun, below and above 0 °C (32 F) I would not mind it staying one way or the other, just not this constant changing. No wonder there is a saying in Iceland that if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes.

2. It is Ash Wednesday here next week, thats like Halloween in the US. I went with my son to buy a costume yesterday. He is just under 160 cm to my horror as I am 164 cm. So he is no longer considered a child when it comes to costumes, we were lucky to find a gorilla outfit for 8-10 year old's that fit, it was just a mask and a t-shirt. So next time I am going on eBay in time. Well anyways, kids don't go trick or treating. They go in tiny groups to all businesses/stores and sing for candy. It is also a tradition to "whack the cat out of the barrel" not a real cat but who knows what they did way back in the day, it has been stuffed with candy.

3. Speaking of Ash Wednesday, the two days before that are also considered semi holidays (celebration days). On Monday it starts with "Bolludagur" translates to something like Bun day. We bake cream puffs and pig out for an entire day. The day after is "Sprengidagur" translates to Burst day but you would maybe know it by Shrove Tuesday. That day we eat a meal mostly consiting of salted meat and pea soup. And like the name indicates again you stuff yourself until you burst.

4. How come reading study books is horrible and I cant remember anything unless I read it like gazillion times, but reading a crappy novel or my favorite Jane Eyre glues all details in every crevice available in my brain?? Not helping with my studies, specially since chemistry and analytical chemistry are dead boring.

5. I suffer from road rage "shusss don't tell". I have to try not to send some people the finger cause well that is just rude, BUT driving way under the limit in rush hour on the freaking left lane should be punishable by something horrendous.
 I should get this sticker in the window of my car.
Also if I would send someone the finger there is always the chance this would happen... 

6. I love bacon like I LOOOOVE it. I honestly tried dipping it in chocolate and fell in love. Blame that on my mum since she had melted chocolate near me when I was frying bacon for some recipe. I wish that bacon and chocolate were the healthiest food in the world, cause then I would be SO healthy right?? nah with my luck I would crave broccoli and carrots.

7. Wow finding 10 things is exhausting.

8. I love my job. I work in a pharmacy. Mostly I love our customers but I have such a hard time with other customers interfering in directions on how to use medicine. Like are you a pharmacist or have you had ANY training. I don't freaking care if your doctor once told you that you could take 800 mg of Ibuprofen in one dosage, the recommended dosage without doctors say is 400mg but in extreme cases like bad sprains you can go for 600mg 3x times a day for a few days, and besides you have no idea about the persons medical history, granted I don't either in most cases so we follow the rules! 

9. I think I am going for another fill. I have noticed that if I am not measuring my foods like when dining elsewhere I can eat a bit more than about half a cup and that is while listening for that I am almost hungry signal.

10. YES made it to ten!! and I am completely blank go figure.


  1. I think I could eat bacon every day for every meal and be A-OK. lol

  2. Thanks for sharing. But now I'm hungry for cream puffs and bacon.

  3. I am glad you decided to try TTT again, I love reading your blog- it's nice learing about Iceland and the things you do there.

  4. oh yeaaahhhhh baacccooooonn...yummm

    Interesting Icelandic traditions! I can say I've never heard of them before! Keep 'em coming. :)