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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

back on the horse/bike + ramblings of a mad woman

Well the weekend wasn't all that bad, gained 700 grams (1.5 pounds) and I can sooo live with that, as there is no other planned occasion for the next weeks. This week my boyfriend will be going to The Faeroe Islands for a week or to on a ship. And my kiddo is still with his grandparents up West and that means I´ll be home alone for a while, lets just hope I'll kick the foodie demon in the butt. Also next week I start working all day and I am a bit scared that I won't eat healthy enough. I did not exercise yesterday, I swapped shifts and worked the morning because I had a sonar/scan (don't know if you call it that) on my face as I have had this lump and very annoying pain just near my left ear since early March, and was oh so happy that he found something, it was as I suspected a swollen lymph node, which my doctor had not felt but I always felt it and well I wasn't crazy, now I just hope she will do something about it or at least drug me so I can fall asleep at night.

Anywhooo I sent my doctor another email as I am afraid he might forget to call lol so I have become the annoying patient. I keep going back and forth as how dedicated I am to this, it kinda scares me when I land on a site where everyone is complaining about their bands and that it was the worst and so on. I AM going to get the band, don't get me wrong, it's just, well its scary when so many people say that they had to have theirs removed or that the had erosion and slippage and so on. 

On a side note, have any of you gone to Disney World in Florida while still heavy? I am freaking out that I won't be able to join my kid on any rides, and I am also freaking out after reading a news article about a woman who wasn't allowed on a airplane unless she bought another seat and I don't think I am that big as I have always been able to sit in Icelandair planes and their seats are 16.9". This is really stressing me out as I don't want to be embarrassed and I don't want to ruin the trip for everyone else. 

Well enough whining, gonna get my big butt on that bike for at least 15 min and then at least 15 min more later tonight.

net kcal intake today  was 1059, thats even though I went to the movies


  1. I'm afraid I can't help regarding the rides but I've heard they're pretty forgiving. Good luck with the food stuff once you start your new shift!

  2. thanks, found a blog where the blogger and commenters are sizes 24-28 US that fit onto most rides and I am a size 24 European think that is 20-22 in US so I should be ok