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Friday, June 29, 2012

Think I'll try all liquids for a while

I am thinking, well planning to eat only liquids for a week and see how it goes, I always eat a whey protein drink for snack at work as it takes not time to chugg it down. And for lunch I almost always have a smoothie made from skyr and smoothie frozen fruits. So I think soups for dinner and hmm another whey protein drink for breakfast or I'll stick to the good ol' porridge(know its not a liquid but it gives me about 4 hours without hunger). I will have to see how many kcal that is. I want to see if I cant lose some extra weight before the flight to Orlando as I am pretty sure it will be a squeeze at the moment to plant my big  ass in that 16.9" seat. I really hope I can stick to this :S I have a tendency to give up if I don't see results fast :( I might eat a rice cake or two to add to the kcal amount but that will be it. No bread, no pizza, no such thing. Think this will be good, because my boyfriend went out to sea on Wednesday and I tend to eat a shit load of crap when he goes and I don't want to do that now and I really want to lose some weight so I can walk further while in the US. So liquids and the  bike is my plan.
Still no call from the doctor but I am relaxed now, I don't know why. Although I did get a little scared when I thought well its a major surgery and there is a tiny chance of you know dying but then I thought well if I don't do this, what is my chance of having a normal happy long life with and for my kid without pain and discomfort, not to mention the mental affect it has on me and those around me. Well I´m done for now hahaha off to the bike before work. Oooooh speaking of the bike, I need to come up with a new plan as to how I am going to plan my days in july because I will be working from 10-18 and that means either exercise at night and take away time with my kid or wake up at 7 am and do it then. which is what I think I'll do.

32 minutes on the bike, 3x20 squats, 24 lunges (12 for each leg), 2x15 side bends(without weights) and 12 silly wall push ups that honestly work hahaha and mild streching

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