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Friday, June 15, 2012

Independence day weekend

I am going to Orlando Florida this august and I want to be a tiny bit lighter in weight so I can at least not huff and puff like a whale on dry land when we go sightseeing. I also want to go on some rides with my son but I am terrified I won't be able to go on any as I have seen no weight limits on the parks we are visiting.So my plan is to eat around 1200 kcal per day and use my exercise bike at least once a day for 20-30 minutes, twice a day would be best.
I will use this site to help me do just that. I will try and see if I cant post a pic of my time on the bike and also how many calories I ate.

What if any is the best ratio between protein and carbs?

Do those of you that have had WLS recommend any books to read for preparation?  I am going to watch the 8 rules on youtube, because I have heard so much about them.

These next three days won't be all that good so I´m planning on using the bike to counteract them. My mom is graduating from upper secondary school today :) never to late to finish and I am so so proud of her. And then tomorrow my best friend has her graduation party, she just became a qualified nurse again oh so proud of her. And she will be coming with me when I have my surgery haha never bad to have a private nurse with you. And then on Sunday it's our independence day woohoo and that means BBQ and stuff so I´m going to try and not eat like a maniac in either graduation parties and on Sunday.

You have to excuse my spelling or grammar errors as English is not my mother language. If I do say something completely out of whack please feel free to correct me as I hate having said or written something wrong, got a bit of a OCD problem or so I have been told.

I didn't quite make it to 30 minutes because my kid forgot his keys and I had to let him in haha but that is ok. I don't really agree with the kcal counter on the bike as it does not take in how heavy I am rather just uses a pre determined calculations per km and brake, but I use it anyways. But 13,83 km (8,59 miles) in 30 min is ok with me. I cycled hard for 25 minutes and the last 5 min where to cool down a bit.

This was all I ate at my moms graduation party, some of you might think that a lot but for me that was tiny and watching everyone else going for seconds and thirds was kinda tough. My kcal for today are just about 800 but I dont know how many where on this plate so I think I might have gone over my 1200 allowed kcal intake.


  1. Just dropped by to say hi! I've been banded for 3 weeks, my blog is

  2. Lapband Gal sent me over! Excited to follow your journey :)

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    1. hi, thanks ever so much for telling people about me :)

  4. New follower.... Been banded for 5 weeks,check out my blog.

    Your plate of food looks like a great portion, nice job. Are you on my fitness pal? If so my handle is michbates456.

  5. thanks you guys :D I just hope my plan works and I'll join your ranks as a bandster soon :D

  6. Hi, I was sent over by Momee 3021 from

    I am a UK bandster. I was banded at Dolan Park Hospital by Mr Super so if you have any questions, I would be happy to try and answer them.

  7. Sent over by Lap Band Girl.. Looking forward to reading your posts..