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Sunday, June 17, 2012

not a good Saturday

Ugh yesterday was so not a good day food wise. It started OK with a bowl of Rice Krispies and 0,1% milk. But that was it. I went to a graduation party for my best friend who I can legally call nurse Betsý now haha. There I went two trips to the buffet table of cakes, although that wasn't really that bad as I ate in moderation and used a small plate and fork. It was when we got home and Betsý and her husband came over for a night of games which is my all time favorite thing to do, even though I rarely win but last night was an exception as I won both the Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit Girl vs Boys. But food wise it was horrid well I can't even call it food. It was chips, tons of candy in a bowl and chocolate/biscuit/candy bars thingy don't know what to call it in English. Anywhoot I used myfitnesspal to calculate what I could and I would guess I ate between 2000-2500 kcal :( am sooo bummed because I really didn't think I had eaten all that much really, but that's just my mind playing tricks on me I guess. But today will be different even though it is Independence Day woohoo!!! There will be BBQ and I WILL only have one plate and eat in moderation and I WILL pay attention to  what I am putting in my body. Well that is all my whining for today, sorry about that.

Oooh and if you have read my questions in my first blog, do you think I should add any more? If not I will be sending them to the doctor I want to do my surgery woop woop :D

Well off to drink some green tea and use that exercise bike of mine, will post a pic of that and my final kcal later today

wish me luck

Update: So I have decided I will not be using the kcal number my bike gives me as it is just a generic one, so I rather use the one I get from myfitnesspal, which takes in to count my weight and stuff. My total kcal intake today was 1345, according to fitnesspal I burnt 556 kcal in my workouts today so I was under my goal.

What is a good ration between protein and carbs?


  1. I would add "how long before you can fly?" if you are planning to be banded that far from home. I know a lot of US bandsters were banded in Mexico and few home after a few days but it is best to ask.

    If you are being banded through the hospital group at Dolan Park Hospital, they provided transport for me to and from the hospital so I would ask about that. They may meet you at and then deliver you back to the airport. Also some patients stay the night before surgery and have one of the first op's in the day rather than having to wait for bloodwork and stuff. This may be a good option and save you a night at a hotel if you are going to be in the country anyway.

    I would also ask how many fills you will have done under x ray, where these will take place and how soon post op. You may also want to ask about other aftercare so how many fills are included? How frequently can I have fills? What happens if I need an unfill for any reason? Do I get access to a dietician or nutritionist?

    I had a really good liaison officer and I emailed her questions weekly for months. Even after I had surgery. It's their job to support you so don't feel bad about asking. xx

  2. wow thanks :D those are good, I will definitely add them to my list. I don't think that is the hospital I will go to. My doctor is Audunn Sigurdsson and I know he is somewhere near Birmingham, one icelandic bandster got hers at a private hospital he was at, and another he performed on in a different hospital. I think he uses two of them. So now it's just hoping we are able to save for half of the costs this summer/fall and if need be I´ll take a loan out for the rest as I think it will be well worth it :D

  3. I had assumed it was him when you said you had an Icelandic doctor. He also works through the hospital group. Dolan Park is their beautiful private hospital.

    I don't know if the costs are comparable but always worth investigating.

  4. oh haha sorry, I'll check it out thanks :D

  5. Just wanted to say good luck on your with weight loss surgery. I am also in the planning/ preparing for wls stage. Lap band gal sent me over to you.

    1. Hi thanks for looking. How far are you into your planning/preparing?