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Saturday, June 30, 2012

forgot weigh in friday

I totally forgot about weigh in friday so you get weigh in Saturday instead. The scale went up 0.6 kilos this week which is 1.3 pounds or so says my trusty friend Mr Google. I totally own that. I ate like a pig on Wednesday and Thursday ugh I have to get it together. This always happens when my boyfriend leaves for a tour at sea. I turn into a "junk food no hesitations eat what I want because no one can see it maniac". Well if my son is home it is a bit less of a binge but non the less I should totally not act like this, I do think I did an OK job yesterday all though I did have a burger for dinner, I went on the bike like a maniac and did all sorts of exercises here at home. I really want to get a bit thinner so I can get my ass  back in the gym. I honestly love working out in the gym IF there is no one there or at least not a lot of people around. But I have not found or heard of a gym like that here in the capital so I just can't imagine going to the gym, I know people are not really watching me but I just always get that feeling and so I don't go.

Not liking being home alone, it is way to quiet, miss my kid, he is coming home next week, not sure when though. And I don't like the fact that my boyfriend might not come with us to the US because he most likely won't get time off from the job and that could mean that I won't see him till like September or something like that, so not cool at all!! I know financially it is a great job to be on board of the ship he is on today but I don't like him being away so long after having him home for a year now (both went to school). The fact that he will be at sea as much as he can until new years again is financially good but still don't like it.

Well I should stop now and get my ass out that door and do the things that need to be done, I just hate shopping hahaha yup a girl that doesn't like shopping hmmm sounds wrong. But that is the plan today, shopping and then getting on my trusty bike again and get that  "junk food no hesitations eat what I want because no one can see it maniac" under control.

wow sorry guys this is a way longer post than I was intending to do.

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