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Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello WLS community

I have decided to get banded, that is to get a gastric band put in place to use as a tool on my journey to a fitter, better lifestyle.I have to go to the UK to get my surgery since they only perform gastric bypasses here in Iceland, and I don't want to have that, The risks are to high for my taste, and I know a few people that have gotten the bypass and they all have some complications from it. I found an Icelandic doctor that specializes in these surgeries in Birmingham and he does some follow-ups in Iceland so I am going with him.

I have been almost obsessed with watching the WLS community on youtube. I have learnt a great deal from them and that has helped me on my decision.
I have put together a list of questions I want to ask my doctor. If any of you have any suggestions as to additional questions then I would love to add them to my list.

# How many surgeries have you done, and how many of them are patients that live in Iceland?

# What are the possible complications?

# Do I need to stay overnight?

# Is everything included in the price you list on your website?

# Are the sutures left in or are they taken out, and is that done there or in Iceland?

# What should I particularly pay attention to post-op?

# How likely is it to have get a slipped band or develop an erosion?

# Where do I turn here in Iceland if I develop complications?

# How long do I have to stay over there?

# Are the fills always performed here in Iceland?

# Who oversees fills and post-op follow-up?

# What if any pre-op diet is required?

# What should I avoid, food wise, drug wise (prescription)?

# What exercise is allowed and how soon after surgery is it allowed?

# Will this affect my absorption of vitamins, and what vitamins are recommended post-op?

# What should I bring with me?

# When can I go back to work?


  1. These are some great questions! I haven't considered some of these. I may steal your list for my next appointment.

    1. go for it. My doctor laughed when he opened his email, he said he had never been asked so much. But I thought and still do, that it is best to have all the knowledge you can before making a decision