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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

drama queen

Is that one word or two... hate not knowing English perfect. Even though I was sooooo proud when I was in Orlando I was on at least 4 occasions told I spoke like a native, well one thought I was from somewhere upstate but that was an ego boost I really enjoyed haha

OK back to the drama queen scene. I have never really had any blood pressure concerns, shut up Betsý :þ ok well I have had them but I have been oh to stubborn to do anything about it. I have been roking between 80-90 in the lower limits and anything above 90 is not good. I refused when my previous doctor offered me to try a small dosage of beta blockers as I did not think my pressure was that high. Fast forward two years and a few pounds extra weight. I felt really weird a few days ago so I thought well lets check out the bp, and to my horror it was something like 150/100 and I pretty much shit my pants where I sat. So these past two days I have been monitoring the shit out of it and writing it down in my lil notebook. Then I like a hypochondriac that I can be sent my surgeon an email asking if me going on meds to control it would affect my surgery. Aw that poor guy probobly laughed himself silly, and wrote me back saying no it did not, and that he did not think that was that high really. But I am still going to see my doc on Friday and practically beg for a small dose of beta blockers because my school stress is coming on and the added stress of having a surgery might be the blame for my sudden increase in pressure. Wow this paragraph is long.

Anywhootz lets leave the drama queen be and focus on something else. Like I am baking a birthday cake for a 7 year old boy. I am doing a Super Mario buttercream transfer and all is going great except my second layer of cake! I could not understand why it wasn't rising like the first one. To my horror I saw that I or the pre-teen must have bumped the turn thingy and now it was not longer on fan but on defrost!! gosh I hope that it was enough to just turn it back to fan for it to rise, will check in a few minutes, if not.. I AM SCREWED!! like with capitals and all, because then I have to get up and bake the second layer in the morning as I dont think my neighbours would be happy about my mixer going on full this late at night. So lets cross everything and hope it turns out OK.

And lets end on some funnier notes like direct translations of some Icelandic sayings/phrases

he speaks fluent english: (direct translation) = he speaks rope slipping English

I am going to kick your butt (something on these notes) = I am going to take you to the bakery

Practice makes perfect = (direct translation) = practice creates the master

If your so shocked you can't really say or do anything, one saying would be in direct translation = I can't reach up my nose

hahaha okies going to watch that cake, just peeked and it is rising WOOP WOOP

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  1. Ha! Love all those translations!

    Hope the cake turns out well and try not to worry about the bp. Hell...worrying about your BP just might make it rise...