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Monday, September 17, 2012

I hate mondays

Yup cliche I know, but it is true. Monday's start off with me having to get up at 7 am like usual, but unusual I actually have to be at school from 8:20-10:00 am, studying calculus for biology and medicine which is so not helping. Whoever figured they had to have calculus in the first period on Mondays is an idiot.

TOM has arrived and that is so not helping me with this Monday hating shit, excuse my french. It makes me extra cranky and me not having figured out what to have for dinner before dinner actually arrives did not help either as now I am starving, have a freaking headache thanks to TOM and calculus and ugh I wanna crawl to bed and not get up for ages. But being I am a mom that is not really going to happen, the pre-teen would never accept having to go to bed earlier than 9pm, which is actually earlier than most his friends go to bed.

I am going to spare you guys any more ranting now, but ARG I really hate Mondays, ok not all of them but this one for sure like really really hate it. Ugh I so want to have tons of chocolate and chips and pizza and so on because I am hungry and have no idea what to actually eat.

Can't wait for Tuesday to arrive, it better be good to me or else I´ll flip out. This is not flipping out hahahaha

Hope your Monday was better than mine.


  1. I agree....Monday's siuck butt for sure.

  2. Yup - RBB said it all - Mondays blow.

  3. Hey my friend! Today is a brand new day :)
    And only 39 days until we go to London!
    Time flyes :Þ

    1. yup yup it sure is and I like Tuesdays way better than Mondays