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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

fog, cannabis and condoms

hahaha guess that caught your eye. Let's start with the fog.

So yesterday when I got up at 7 am the fog was so thick I could barely see the building next to ours. I´ll put a picture of how the view is usually so you can see how bad it was, the yellow building and the one next to that don't even show up in the fog. I've never seen a fog so thick before. That bad movie I saw once came to mind, the one with the fog that keeps killing people.

On to the cannabis... OK so when I got in my car this morning I noticed a leaf that someone had place on the drain pipe that comes down the building. I didn't think anything of it at first, then after I backed out of my space I glanced back at it, thought it reminded me of something so I drove up to it and took a picture. I am pretty sure that is a cannabis leaf, I refused to touch it, but when I got back home from school I did look a bit closer on it and I think it might be a fake leaf, probably should throw it away in case it isn't.

And last but not least the condoms... So for some reason condoms were being handed out in masses at my college, and I thought it was just so funny to see this one poor thing left alone on a dining table. I didn't take it haha but poor thing was left out of the party.

Other than that I have not much to report. I am still waiting for that doctor to give me a prescription for a blood thinner injection my surgeon wants me to take before my flight to the UK. I had to let her have a copy of my confirmation letter from the hospital and I also had to print out my email exchange between me and the surgeon regarding him asking me to get that shot. So I´ll keep waiting for a bit longer but patience is so not my virtue just ask my mum hahaha or Betsý ;)

Anywhootz only 30 days till I leave for the UK and boy will that time fly by, so much to do in my calculus class yikes I don't like calculus I have to say.


  1. Ugh. I hated Calculus.

    Quite possibly the best title of a blogpost EVER! :)

  2. You certainly got my attention! I now will have to go back and read your previous posts! I'm late in welcoming you to blogland, but welcome!