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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Icelandic Saturdays

are called candy days. It has become a tradition for kids to go shopping for candy on Saturdays here, it is a really hard tradition to brake, I try to not let my kid gorge out on too much candy but sometimes it can happen. Ok so today I was working so I did not go and buy candy with my kid like usual, but on the way home I picked up a bag of Lay's paprika chips, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. So how much of it did I eat? about a handful of chips (barely), and just skimmed of the ice cream. I think this will be my hardest transformation, that is to get rid of habit's I've acquired throughout my life. I know it will be hard but what I´ll get in return will be so well worth it. I´ve set myself one NSV for next summer. My kid loves hiking and I want to be able to hike with him to the top on the hill/mini mountain not far from here. Anywhootz, nothing is happening here really, just worked the longest day for a long time, not hour wise but rather that each hour felt like so many more. Where were all the sick people at!! Hope you have a great weekend Sorry about this all not having lines between paragraphs. I dont know why it wont work today

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  1. 33 days... i wish we were going tomorrow :)
    Can't wait.
    I hate Icelandic Saturdays because it's always saturdays at my house! :) And that's no good :Þ
    Dem you candy, dem you!:o)