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Saturday, September 15, 2012

my love of baking

I love love love baking cakes. I love making them for my friends and family. I wonder if me having the band will lessen that. It really shouldn't as I don't really bake that much now anyways, but I wonder, on occasions are you eating cakes and stuff when invited to family get togethers? Here in Iceland these occasions almost always include massive amounts of cakes, bread cakes (cakes made with white thin bread slices, its special kind of bread, and all kinds of salads in between, can see how they look here), and other goodies. I think I´ll have to tackle that by eating before I go, that is if I won't be in my green zone yet.

Am I a wuss? I have not told a lot of my family about the surgery, only my siblings and parents, and a few good friends. I have forbidden them to say anything about this on Facebook as I don't want some of my other family members to know of this yet. I know some of them won't approve and some are just plain mean and will gossip about it endlessly so I have not said anything. My mom was not very supportive at first, mainly I think because she really wanted me to be able to do this on my own. But she either has changed her mind or she is trying to, because she has been very supportive and not given my any hassle about it. I kinda felt like I disappointed her by going this rout.

Wow its only 42 days till I go to London and then up to Birmingham. I was a bit jealous yesterday as one of the support group on Facebook went for his surgery yesterday at noon, kinda wish that was me.

On funnier notes, wanna learn some icelandic?? Ok lets say sixteen shall we?  six is written and pronounced sex, yup that's right SEX, ok and teen is tán pronounced "town" so here when we say happy sixteen is sounds like this, happy sextown :) hahaha hope you enjoy that lol I have more of those

until later :D


  1. Your icelandic lesson made me giggle!

    I can totally relate to the family/mom stuff. My mom and I have been round and round about my surgery. Even now, she will say crap like, "oh you'll be fine if you just stick to it". If I wasn't such a nice daughter, I would tell her where to shove it! ;)

  2. Hi there! I noticed you were following me so I decided to stop over and say hello! I look forward to getting to know you!