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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, October 25, 2012


1. Almost forgot to do TTT, this day is just not long enough. It is almost midnight, well I still have half an hour left till midnight.

2. This is my last night at home for a while. Going to my friends tomorrow night and then we fly to   London early on Saturday. She has to inject me with a blood thinner courtesy of my surgeon. I hate needles (I know I know about the big needle but what will I not go through to get this weight off me). But my friend just so happens to be a nurse so she can do an awesome job, if not I´ll kick her ass, hear that Betsý KICK YOUR SCRAWNY LIL ASS hahahaha well I could try anyways, not sure I could though lol 

3. We have two big malls here, one is quite old but the other one is just over a decade old. I swear the architect that designed it was a man. Want to know how I know this? Well just look at what it looks like.
Not only does it resemble a male body part, but the first floor is tiled with white tiles, and running the length of the building is a redish jiggly line ending in a circle, so it kinda looks like a semen has been added for good measure.

4. I am running around like a headless chicken today. Trying to remember everything I need before I go to work, cause I am going to work with my suitcase and all. Have an amazing ex GP that prescribed me some pain killers in case I need them. I always get stressed before travel cause I don't want to forget anything.

5. I am list crazy. I make endless lists. I am kind of anal when it comes to organizing. Wish I was that way about cleaning the house, but my awesome bf does most of that hihi.

6. I am getting paranoid about getting sick before the surgery. I really should not be but I am one crazy mother... The only thing I am really concerned about the surgery is the anesthesia. Seen way to many TV shows about doctors and horror stories about not being asleep just paralyzed. See one crazy right here!

7. I am a Logo Quiz junky. That in itself is bad, but I have infected my bf and my kid. The kid is hooked on the football (soccer) one, the car one and the flags of all the countries in the world. While my bf is just hooked on the plain one like me. We were in bed the other night, each with our phones, going "do you know this one". I need help, maybe they have 12 steps for this..

8. I am in pain. I apparently have been eating loads of pain medicine because I have not had any anti-inflammatory since my little oops moment. And my shoulders and back are not quite killing me but annoying the heck out of me. Wish paracetamol had a bit more kick to it. I am bringing one kind of anti-inflammatory with me, just so I can ask him if it is OK to use it. It is a kind that does not dissolve in your stomach rather in the intestine so it does not irritate the stomach. I have a really bad back and I just want to make sure what I can do when it does act up. Which hopefully it will stop doing so often once the weight drops.

9. Think I am going to miss my kid tons, the bf as well but I am used to not seeing him for a while when he goes to sea. But he will have a great time with his dad.

10. We had the first snow show its ugly face in the city today, no longer is it just in the mountains but it has breached our city. I HATE snow. It makes a aweful sound when it is to cold outside and gives me goosebumps. I just want snow during Christmas and Easter, then it can take a hike.
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  1. #5 - a woman after my own heart! Safe travels.

  2. Try hard to are going to do great! Can't wait to hear from you on the other side!

  3. LOL I love the mall explanation----ewwwwwww! Try to will be great!