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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guess what I saw on Saturday night

Yup that is a Christmas tree people. This one drug company has put up a Christmas tree on their property and when I went to school yesterday they had also added a huge red bow filled with red Christmas lights. So I am no longer the only one who can't wait for Christmas to come. Ooh and I also saw that one of my mums neighbor had put his Christmas lights on his balcony already.

On other notes, Jeepers Creepers how the time flies. I am going to the UK in 4 days. Have to admit that I am beginning to get a bit nervous, mostly that something will come up and I wont be able to get my surgery.

What do I need to do before surgery girls? I have taken my measurments, my weight, I need to make some kind of goal list but my head is kind of blocked at the moment. When my bf comes back south I will have to get him to take before pictures. So is there anything else that you would recommend I do? Also have to remember to tell the bf to stock up on juices and protein shakes before I get back home.

Well I really dont have anything to say other that what I have, but I could ramble all day about stuff so I am just gonna go plant my ass in the sofa and watch some TV before I go to work. And try and kill off the butterflies that are taking resident in my stomach.


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  1. My surgeon told me to get plenty of exercise before. I am glad I did. You feel kind of sluggish afterwards and it helped me not feel guilty about laying around for several (5) days. Also, get some gatorade on hand. When I was swollen and could only get in a few ounces the surgeon told me to drink some to keep from dehydrating and for some reason I felt instantly better and it went down easier than water. You may not need it at all. Also, get some magazines or good movies queued up to keep you resting. You are going to do well and I can't wait to hear all about it!