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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

getting very curious

I have this lives traffic thingy on my page, and I am getting so many visitors from Reykjavík Iceland. I wonder who these people are haha not that I mind. Just I don't know of any people I have given this link that live there except for myself. Somedays I am getting over 30 views from here (not including me). So why not say hello people, no need to be shy ;)

In other news. I am nervous, excited, scared, thrilled and many other adjectives that don't make sense. Only a week, well not even a week as it is 8:30 pm here now so wow it is coming fast. Got tons of things to do tomorrow, then work on Friday and off I go to my bestie Betsý and try and get some sleep before the flight.

I am exhausted so I am not gonna blog more today, just curious who all these peeps are (see I speak slang hihi). I am actually thinking of going to bed now, don't think I will make it to 10pm to be honest. I´ll try my hand at TTT again tomorrow


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  1. I agree..people need to drop a comment and say hi when they see your log----I am so excited for you...coming soon!