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Monday, October 15, 2012

Still hate mondays but this one was better

Ok so I went extra early to school today so I could sit in my car and call my sons school to complain.

So the complaint went ok, I was so mad I swear my voice sounded funny. I first asked the lady who answered who I should talk to. After telling her why she handed my call to the assistant principle. He was ever so sorry for this to happen, he was quick to say that in these cases there are two guidelines to follow either loan the child shoes from the collection of shoes that noone owns, or take the child to the office and call the parents, this option is almost always used. He said he would talk to the teacher but I learnt from my kid that he is abroad so he wont be told off just yet. I was a bit peeved at the a.p. for saying of course my kid should know he could go to the office and call home. For one thing my son is so shy it would never happen in a million years, also he had just found out his shoes had been stolen so I think he was a bit upset (my kid is very emotional, should have seen him when Sam and Optimus Prime died in Transformers 2 haha) and like he said he didn't know what to do other than to walk home. So... I am going to stop thinking about this as the a.p. sent someone up on the roof to see if they were there and also went to classrooms to tell kids about this. So hopefully the shoes turn up if not well I´ll buy him new ones.

On other notes:

I am going to the UK in 12 days!! OMG this is happening like really happening. I am trying to find my way again after the bf came home. Not helping is TOM god I sometimes wish I was a man. I am craving disgustingly unhealthy foods but I am trying ever so hard not to cave in.

Thought I'd put this picture up here, saw it on Facebook and have to admit I actually had to tell a person in Florida that no I did not live in an igloo, and yes I had the internet. I really really wanted to say, yes I live in a three story igloo and have a huge fireplace in the middle of it hahahaha so lets hope not to many foreigners think this is true. And omg the northern lights I saw last night were nothing like this picture, it was ten times better, were green, white and purple at times and they were freaking crazy the way they moved.

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