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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, October 8, 2012

2nd weigh in day

Loss of the week was -1.8 pounds, which I am pretty pleased about. The Friday weigh in was a bit lower.

So today I was 277.3 but on Friday I was 276,7. But I´ll take what I can get :) well it is almost 7:30 am so I better get my school stuff in the bag and my ass out that door before traffic becomes a nightmare

Hope you all had a great weekend


Whoever thought of having a calculus pop quiz at 8 am on a MONDAY!!! needs to be shot, not shot and killed neccicery just shot in the butt or something so he can only sit on a freaking donut!

This calculus stuff is ruining my face hahaha belive it or not. I was trying to remove my mascara last morning and like usual grab a cotton and the blue bottle, but just as I put in on my eye I noticed it smelled funny.. it was freaking nail polish remover! yup I almost freaked out once I realized that but at least I hadn't started to rub it on like had intended

ok gonna stop now, going to spend the next 4 hours waiting to go to this other calculus class I need to be at and not try to kill people next to me just because I dont drink coffe and still feel like this "see picture below" except in my cup would be a lovely hot chocolate lolz

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  1. 1.8 pounds a week is good! Yuck for the calculus...but I hope you did great on the quiz!