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Friday, October 19, 2012

minor/major oops?

Gosh now I am wallowing a bit. Ok so I had this majorly annoying headache before works so I took on of those fizzy tablets we have called Treo (I take them for bad headaches/migraines), its aspirin with caffeine in it. Ok so afterwards I kept thinking didn't I read something about aspirin before the surgery.

Yup I did. In my letter from the hospital it says in instruction nr2 that "DO NOT take aspirin or drink alcohol, during the 14 days prior to surgery".

Major screw up as it is only what 13 days till my surgery. I am kind of petrified to send my surgeon an email asking if I screwed up my date for the surgery. I keep thinking that well it was only one tablet of 500 mg aspirin and the half life in the plasma is only 3.5 hours ( I work at a pharmacy so I always read this stuff online rather than in the instructions you get from you pack, so much more detailed in the medicine info the Icelandic Medicines Agency keeps). And in their info they say use of this medicine should be discontinued a few days before surgery so.. I am like 99.9% sure it is ok. I still feel like I did something wrong by not remembering that :( And I can promise I will SO not use it again until I am allowed, I will rather stay in bed and take the day off work in case I need to.

Seriously need a bit of a internet hugs


  1. I am no doc, but I think it is no big deal. Especially since you are still 13 days out. The day before, it might have presented a problem. I bet you are getting excited! I will be waiting for your updates and thinking about you!

  2. Is aspirin a blood thinner? I know ibuprofen is...but 13 days ia a long time off. Usually they say 24-48 hours before surgery I thought, no blood thinning meds, etc. I bet you are fine, but I'm the sort of worry wart who might ask the surgeon's office. You could ask what they suggest for migraines... 14 days is a long time if someone is prone to headaches!

    Wow, you are so close to your surgery date!

    1. yes aspirin is a blood thinner. But after thinking this over today I think it is ok, because when I fly to the UK next Saturday I am supposed to inject a blood thinner to prevent clots during the flight. So if it is ok 5 days before the surgery it should be ok this one time. I am just hoping I wont get another headache this week, but I usually get headaches at least 1-2 times a week.

  3. I don't think you need to worry at all sweetheart,getting excited for your surgery date!! x