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Thursday, October 18, 2012

trying ten things thursday

1. Exactly two weeks from now I will be in some pain or experiencing some discomfort. But it will be so worth it.

2. My friend and I are figuring out what to do in the three days we have in London before our trip to Birmingham for the BIG day. All I know is  I want to go to Timberland and buy these shoes. Also I want to go to the wax museum and the London Eye, even though I am petrified of heights.
3. I had to get up at 6.25 am this morning! This was due to my kid going with his school to the zoo (its not a zoo like you would know it. It has cows and all other farm animals they have in Iceland plus some common wild animals like reindeer and foxes). Anywhoots they couldn't take the bus because that would mean the kids had to wake up way before that, so parents had to drive them to the park. I was ever so lucky that a friend of his offered him a ride so I could crawl back to bed and listening to people scraping the ice off their windows because it has started to freeze.

4. I am hooked on watching this British show called Threesome. It is hilarious, it only has two series so far but I sure hope it will have some more.

5. I had this stupid thought while staring at the mirror while brushing my teeth. I couldn't stop thinking "will I be pretty when I am no longer fat". Yup that was pathetic but I cant help to think what will I look like. Last time I was thin was when I was 17 and that was a loooong time ago. This is a picture of me taken in 1998 I was 16 there. Even though I am smiling and wearing a short dress I felt like a humongous fat disgusting pig. Yup if only I knew back then what I know now, I'd never had believed all those lies and hopefully seen myself as I was. Normal..

6. Only 66 days till Christmas WOOP WOOP. Christmas in Iceland starts at 6pm on the 24th. We eat Christmas dinner at 6pm while listening to mass on the radio, then at 8pm we open the presents. Christmas here last 3 days, that's 3 days off from work. Guess you would call it Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day, we call boxing day "the second day of Christmas" weird really considering Christmas starts on the 24th.

7. Went to the store today with my mum and our spouses to start buying Christmas things like the Christmas dinner! yup really. So it is in the freezer just waiting for us to devour it, well in my case have a wee taste I guess.

8. Was very efficient today. Booked an appointment for my kid to go to the orthodontist, guess the poor kid needs braces like I did. Then I finally booked an appointment for myself to have that god awefull pap smear think you guys call it. I am officially one year late for it, been so good at going every 2 years but moving put me off my schedule.

9. I have a thing for colored pens and nail polishes. Think it is more than a thing haha. I have a huge bowl filled with nailpolish. I went nuts when I was in Florida this summer, the polishes only cost like a few dollars compared to at least ten dollars here. But the pens are more useful. I just discovered frixtion pens. They are awesome, you can erase what you wrote like it was a pencil. I don't need to have a pen, eraser and then a pencil, just that one pen and obviously I need one in EVERY color right?? even pink which is my least favorite color of all. Even have a Frixtion highlighter.

10. Thinking of 10 things is kinda hard. Guess I should write stuff down during the week to remember what is important. Hope you have a great weekend, I have to work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Yay for me! (so hope sarcasm translates online hihi)


  1. I hear you, when I was in school I considered myself a pig...would sure like to be that pig now....I keep trying to celebrate the little losses and not wait to celebrate until I reach goal. AND I AM OBSESSED with fingernail polish...I have a whole basket full! I have never heard of the pens..sounds interesting..have a great weekend!