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Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy independence day *updated*

I am getting ready to take that hike. I don't know how far I will make it but we will see. If the view is great I will post a picture here later today.

Update with pictures:

Oh that was exhausting but so awesome. I went as far as I could manange which was base 3 out of 6 with 7 being the top.

I wanted to quit after the first 3 minutes, because it was all up hill (well DUH! your hiking up a mountain you idiot!) But then I got this determination that I wanted to go at least to 2 and then I thought oh well it is not that far from 2 till 3 so I went that as well but OMG I could no more. When I started back down my legs were shaking with each step my muscles wanted no more of that.

 On the way, its straight ahead there

 Lots of greenery my first thought was I wanted to go above that and I did

View from the parking lot

 the view from somewhere round base 1

This was horrible to go up, there are steps to the left but they are so high my thighs HATE them now

View from somewhere near base 2, now you can see part of the capital 

 My awesome kid who had more faith in me that I did

 Better view of the capital

My kid at base 3

Myself at base 3, to exhausted to smile any more than that

Going back down

Apparently I forgot I was afraid of heights before starting this trip 

loved the scenery 

that's the calories burnt going up and down, burnt 110 more on the 15 minute drive home

Thought I would try out this sport tracker on my phone, too bad I didn't turn it on until like 10 minutes into the hike so the total time was more like 1 hour 20 min and about 4.8 km

This sport tracker is high I think either that or those paths are freaky


  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics. Great job on making it to 3 & pushing yourself further! It looks cold out. We're in the 100°F here in Arizona!

    1. yeah it was a bit chilly it was just 50°F and it was windy as well. But I am so going to do this again and aim for base 4 then.