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Friday, June 14, 2013

can you feel the food go down?

I am contemplating another fill. I sent my surgeon an email just now. Asking what he thinks because he wont be here until mid August. I also finally asked him about this discomfort I am having. We shall see what he has to say.

Anywhoots, I want to know can you feel your food going down? I cant unless I have taken too big of a bite and then I get this really uncomfortable feeling and it aches not really hurts for a bit. I am just wondering if I am supposed to be more aware of it going down.

I am freaking out a bit. I discovered last night that one of my birthmarks has changed so I am going to a doctor next week to have it removed. This is so not helping to de-stress me at all with me being the most hypochondriac person I know (well part from my best friend lol bless her she is as nuts as I am), which reminds me she is recovering from having her appendix removed so this is for her.
Hahahahaha elska þig Betsý geitapabbi minn hihihi

Well this is a short one. Gotta go to bed so I can be super fresh when I go to work at 10 am (what was I thinking when I decided to work every day this month)

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  1. I can occasionally feel my food go down- depends on if I'm really paying attention or not.