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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 110.1 kg or 242.7 pounds
Loss this week: status quo but was 109.3 two days ago :( 
Total loss: 16.9 kg or 37.3 pounds

1. It was pouring rain yesterday like standing under the shower kind of rain and my son had a soccer match. But they still managed to beat the other team.

2. Speaking of the kid. I was working from 6-10 pm on Tuesday and when I got home he had cleaned the living room and dining room and the kitchen and he had even filled the dishwasher and was taking the stuff and putting it in the right places. Maybe I should ground him more often if this is what I can expect.

3. Again more on that kid of mine. The summer bottles of Coke are printed with tons of icelandic names and he had been looking for his for a while but finally found one.

4. I wore a dress to work today! Me the tomboy who only ever wears jeans and T-shirts, OK I have started to try being a girl but anywho I suck at it. I looked super dooper frumpy. I look like I just escaped the Amish way of living.

5. I have a confession. I fell hard into a constant supply of this awesome goodness, it is sinfully good. It is puffed something covered in caramel flavored milk chocolate. I need help this is addictive and all sorts of wrong for me to be eating it.

6. Our national holiday is on June 17th. I hope the weather will be good. It seems to always rain on this day. But since it is my only day off this month I hope to get sun and some heat so I can do something with the kid.

7. I am stressing about finances, I really dont have to stress but all this waiting for the sale to go through and then waiting to buy our new place and my bf might not be able to be at sea as much as he would like this summer so I am a bit worried, although he keeps telling me not to worry.

8. I have been thinking about wether or not I should try this reset that Tina just did. It might be what I need right now.

9. This is a bit like what I am feeling but if I cant kick my own ass then it is not a good thing.

10. Ugh I give up today. I worked till midnight last night and I just want to crawl in bed and read a good book. Think my Jane Eyre is calling my name again (read it at least one time a year)


  1. Cute dress! If you're worried about frumpy, lose the black tights & the sweater. ;) Oh and SMILE!

    1. haha true. But the sweater and tights are needed due to the cold weather ;)

  2. I'm going to ground my kids if that is what happens! LOL

  3. I agree-lose the bulky sweater and black tights and add some color and always smile!

  4. LOL you do look like an Amish on the run! I love Jane Eyre also!!

  5. You make Amish look hot! ;-D And your son is so cute!! I agree with Drazil though - sheesh- I WISH grounding my kids worked like that! I'd ground them all the time!! ;-D lol

    I have the same problem btw when hubs travels, I stay up wayyyy too late, so I understand what you are talking about.