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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

need serious sorting out

Since my bf has left for sea my routine has gone to shit. Not the food but the sleep. I am reading in bed until 3 am cause I am not being asked to turn the light off haha so I stay up way to late and sleep almost till noon. Thankfully my son is self sufficient these days. But this is not working. I need to stop this.

Oooooh on other notes my scale was AWESOME this morning, it will hopefully be so on Thursday and it would probably help if I stopped downing bottles of Fanta lemon. Yup it is summer so they are producing Fanta lemon again, and I love it. But since I can not really stand the gas I take a few sips and then shake the bottle a few times and am left with this awesome lemony carbonless soda. But it has so much sugar so I will have to stop drinking it.

Well not much else to say. I am planning the meals like a military drill. Will be making the ususal recipes and am freezing some of it in small containers for me and some in bigger for me and the kid. Then I also have to make dinner that he can heat up in the oven on the days I am working till 10 pm. Thankfully again he is very self sufficient and knows how to use the oven and all that jazz, I am not liking working till that late but I am home until noon and he wont be home till 10 am either way so it will be ok, just got to stop being a mother hen type of thing.

Well I´m off and lets hope that scale will be as brilliant on Thursday, I am wanting to do TTT again I have not for a while and I miss it hahah how weird is that.

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