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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, June 27, 2013

TTT & weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 108.5 kg or 239.2 pounds
Loss this week: -0.9 kg or -2.0 pounds
Total loss: 18.5 kg or 40.8 pounds

I am loving this new fill. 

Thanks to the lovely preggo Laura Belle we have this awesome creation TTT

1. I have lost 40 pounds since my surgery and 49.6 pounds since I was at my heaviest.

2. I am so tired, tonight is the second night shift out of four in a row, and the longest one is on Saturday (working till midnight)

3. Still no news on the sale of our flat, getting really annoyed.

4. Next week I will go up north and hopefully the sale will have gone through and I will be able to spend that time with my son on his soccer tournament.

5. My band is tighter in the mornings and I am lucky that I usually only have a protein drink for breakfast because even that seems to go down slowly, but by next meal I am fine.

6. My face is so dry, it is irritating my, if I try and use a BB cream or foundation it just looks like my face is scaly and shit.

7. Have I mentioned I am PISSED waiting for this loan to go through so we can sell our place. The loan thingy (its not a bank but most house loans go through them.) even demanded we get another agent to appraise our house and he came up with the same figure as the other one so I want this thing done like yesterday.

8. I am craving ice cream after reading a fellow bloggers post this morning.

9.Where is my summer?? it has not gone over 61°F, and there was even HAIL in a neighboring town yesterday. Its almost July for heck's sake bring the sun out and warm up this weather for me.

10. I am lazy, don't have to go to work till 16:30 so I am still in my nightgown refusing to get dressed haha


  1. 40 LB that is great!!! You go girl!

  2. 61°? I'll trade you! It's supposed to be 117° today in Phoenix. Yeesh!

    Great job on the loss lady!

  3. Awesome Job! I'm with Dotti- I'll trade ya, it's 117 today