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Friday, June 7, 2013

wanna punch my bf in the face

He landed in Las Palmas about 3 pm Icelandic time, and he texted me and said, "landed, horrible weather ;) " well that should be read with TONS! of irony. Then a few hours later I got "it´s so hot" then a few hours after that, he had to text me to tell me that he went out to dinner and had a heavenly steak and was waiting for his pina colada to arrive. ARG!!! this should be considered spousal abuse, this is mental torture hahah me sitting here in chilly, rainy, windy 11 °C / 52 F and he is sitting in the sun, drinking MY favorite drink in a balmy 20 °C / 68 F.
I deserve the warm weather and loads of sun and I sure as hell want some Pina Colada but that could be do to TOM´s regular visit is just round the weekend so I might be a bit cranky but... I still think he should not be allowed to gloat like that. Oh I will find a way to pay him back just you wait ;)

Think this ecard is appropriate since my other favorite drink is sex on the beach and I wouldn´t be surprised if he had one of those as well haha

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