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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

from mousy to orange or wannabe blond

Ok so I finally had my hair coloured. I wanted it to be blond but the lady said it could not be coloured blond unless using highlights but she hadn´t time for that and it was not part of the offer I had wanted. So it was ok and she used the lightest color she could. I first thought it was ok now I am not so sure, it kinda looks orange. But we´ll see. I have not washed it so it might grow on my.

See I am so lucky to have this typical Icelandic mousy color hair. And it is now so short as well I am grieving those few inches or so she took off it. Please ignore the writing on the mirror. It is our hallway mirror/note board.

My boyfriend is going to Las Palmas on Friday!! Well we dont have to pay and it will not be a fun trip so it´s ok haha he is going there to be part of the crew that will sail it back home. So that is good because it means he is on the payroll starting Friday. I have instructed him to bring me a can on apple Fanta. I know soda is bad but omg apple Fanta is awesome, and I have only found it in Spain so maybe they will have it down there in Canarie. 

Onto other stuff. I am doing the laundry and I want to know what the heck happens to the freaking socks!! like how is it possible to lose socks in the washing machine. Oh and speaking of socks, do me a favore. Settle a spat me and my bf have had for years. Am I the only one who uses right and left socks, that is after the first use I will never EVER use a left sock on my right foot it just feels uncomfortable and it gnaws at me if I accidentally do it. I just feel like well if you use them where ever they become square and annoy me. (ok I´ll admit I am a bit OCD sometimes) 


  1. I think your hair looks good.. a change is nice once and a while, plus you can always change it again if you get tired of
    AND omg you made me laugh about your funny... I wear what ever sock on whatever foot... but someone I know is like you... I am thinking dad or step dad... not sure which... :)

  2. I never realized that socks came in a "right" and "left" foot- I just look for clean ones and put them on, that's if I'm actually wearing socks, and that's only if I'm working out otherwise its flip flops all the way.
    I love your hair. Looks fresh and vibrant. If after a while you don't like it you can change it.
    How'd you do on your exams?... get the results yet?

    1. Hi yeah I passed both, so happy with that. And socks dont come in right and left foot, its just after I use them once they have taken the shape of a left or right foot and after that I can no use it on the other foot hahaha I am weird I know