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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Got stuck

I got stuck yesterday morning and I was lucky it didn't really hurt but my gosh was I panicked. OK so I woke up super early to go to work, ate my breakfast and saw that I was getting late so I stuffed that lil last bite in and off I went to the kitchen, and then like the stupid idiot I am I took a small sip of juice and that motherf****r got stuck. Thankfully it went down in about 15 minutes without any major sliming or vomiting (I was most afraid of that) but I am not wanting to do that again, pain or no pain.

I was able to eat during lunch without any problems, but I have to admit I have been super aware of my band after that introduction.

I cant wait to see how this fill settles in, I thought I ate less yesterday but it will unfold in this next week. I had what I called chicken salad for lunch at work and I felt stuffed but when I look at the pictures that doesnt look like I ate much, that is a tiny plate btw hahaha

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  1. It seems your fill is working! Glad to hear your stuck episode wasn't too traumatic.