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Friday, April 25, 2014

fill and X-ray on Monday

Got a call this morning from the clinic saying my doc had made an appointment for me for a fill. I knew I was going for an X-ray to see if anything is wrong but wasnt sure about a fill so I sent him an email. He said he wants to put 4.5ml(cc) in and the technician will record the shadow liquid thingy going down and take pictures and send him it. He seems certain that nothing is wrong that this is just some freaky one off but I am not sure. I am also kind of scared having a fill there again, since last time I went there it took 40 minutes and six jabs and the technician flipped my port so no it can only be accessed by a 45° angle, which is so not as easy as it was before.

Will probably not blog anything until after the fill, I am swamped in prepping for finals, my first one is on Tuesday and its biochemistry and man oh man it has so much stuff to remember and it only gives me 6 credits while the one on Friday is introduction to pharmaceutical chemical analysis and that one is easier but gives me 8 credits "sigh" who makes these decisions.

Have an awesome stress free weekend for me

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