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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I want to cry

I am so frustrated, I am clearly blocked and I can get nothing down well if you count the micro sips I take in then I guess I can get something in but since yesterday I have only gotten in like 300 cc thats just 10 oz and these micro sips dont go down that easy and give me slight chest burn. I have sent my doctor an email and private message on fb, I am hoping he has not returned to the UK because if so then I am fucked since everything is closed here until Tuesday and I will be severely cranky from discomfort and pain and lets not mention how hungry I am.

So I will just keep praying that something can be done soon. This is the second time I have regretted having my band, guess thats not that bad considering the other time was on day to post op when I had infection and all that. This band of mine is seriously bipolar. I have had 6.5 cc in it and wanted more because it was not giving me enough restriction and now 6 months later I am finally back to 6.4 cc and it has shut down business all together ARG I truly want to cry.

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