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Friday, April 11, 2014

too good to be true

I am super bummed to say I am allergic or more like it intolerant to that healthy ice-cream. I hadn´t eaten it all when I blogged my delight of finding it. Well later on I got so extremely sick in the stomach and I actually had to take one of my precious stash of anti nausea tablets.

Fast forward 2 days, and stubborn me got it in her mind that it wasn't the ice-cream that had me that way more like I was just getting sick or something so I bought another one and even though it was not so bad that I was forced to take another anti nausea tablet but boy oh boy was I sick. So no more yummy guilt free ice-cream for me boo hoo hoo

RIP yummy guilt free dessert


  1. Dang it! That was my feeling when I discovered I can't have artificial sweeteners.

    1. I cant eat them either, especially aspartame, according to a course I took in biology last semester I am on of 10% of people that finds it tastes kind of moldy I always just thought it was me being weird but I can actually tell if it is in a food I ingest cause it has this heavy moldy aftertaste.