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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

weigh in Tuesday

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 111.7 kg or 246.2 pounds
Gain last week: +0.1 kg or +0.2 pounds
Total loss: 15.3 kg or 33.2 pounds
Lowest weight was 231 pounds before the un-fill in October

Ugh this is so irritating, the lowest I have seen was 101.4 kg (223.5pounds) OK maybe that is not fair since I only got there by being on a IV for close to two weeks but OK then the lowest weight I have maintained while eating was 105 kg (231 pounds) and then this stupid un-fill happened and I gained. I am mortified sometimes that I have not done better. Seeing so many having lost 50-100 pounds on the first year ( I lost 48 pounds not counting that IV weight) then I was unfilled just before my 1st bandiversary and now I kinda feel like I am at square one again. 

Going for another fill when the doc comes back to Iceland cause even though this one is giving me some restriction I am starving every 3 hours (only eat a half cup of food at a time, always have my handy cup there haha). I am so NOT going to gain any more weight, this 0.2  pound gain is bothering me tremendously even though I know Saturday I was 0.8 pounds lighter than today.

Ugh sorry bout this blog, it has become a whiners paradise I think hahaha I sometimes feel like I´m bipolar cause I get super positive about this weight journey and other times I think it stinks. But I WILL lose this weight thats that.


  1. You can do it girl. Hang in therer. You went through a lot last fall and then the band un-fill. Hopefully the next adjustment will help :)

  2. I feel your pain. I often think of the weight I hit when I was sick and not eating food at all, and long for that number again. I know of course that it's not reasonable to even dream of getting there again since I wasn't eating at all, but somehow we long to get there.
    Just keep doing all the right things, and eventually you'll get to where your body is in a nice, healthy place.