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Monday, April 28, 2014

something is wrong with my band

Well that did not go as planned. I went for a fill and x-ray and had the best technician IMO, well he is apparently a x-ray doctor. He got in the port in like one jab I was seriously impressed (have been to him twice before and he rocks).
Anywhooot, I proceeded to give me 4,5 cc as planned then had me drink that nasty contrast fluid. Well lo and behold it didnt go down in 3 pushes, not even 10, more like 5 minutes and billion pushes.
So he took out 1,4cc and then everything went down in one go, again not ideal but I was not going to put any more in there since I am starting finals tomorrow and he agreed that I should take it super slow because after my last unfill in October they were able to put 4,5cc in it in one go.
So now I am quit lost  and not sure what is going on. He said it didnt look like I had a slipped band and if I did it would be minor and he like my surgeon said that ERCP cant damage the band so I am even more lost. Seems like my band just doesnt like me and I am not happy at all.

Update: My surgeon emailed me and said my band looks great and everything is in order. I emailed him back asking if he had any ideas as to what might be the cause of me handling smaller and smaller fills. He basically said I should just give it time and wait. WAIT! I am the most impatient person I know but I will give it a try. Stupid gallbladder messing with my progress. I totally blame this all on my former gallbladder may it rest in pieces. 


  1. Have faith, my friend. The band is an inanimate object, your internal organs are not. The band may have a fold it didn't have before or your stomach is swollen. What was green zone a few months ago may no longer work, take your fills slowly!

  2. yuck. that sounds like no fun at all. Fingers crossed for you to find the happy spot.
    in other news...very excited for my upcoming trip to iceland!!!

  3. At least you know there's no fault with your band so thats good! Just need to find your green zone. Are you keeping track of your calories and protein? I use the app myfitness pal, find it helpful to keep track. I find if I eat high protein foods I tend to not need to graze, and that helps with my weightloss, although mine is very slow! Good luck with your exams...x