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Friday, April 18, 2014

Total unfill again!

Well my surgeon called me just after 7:30 am this morning and had me come over to the house he is staying at. There he first tried to take just 1cc but that was not enough I started sliming like mad and had to run to the bathroom. So he decided to do a total un-fill and I agreed, he has me on antacid tablets for 10 days and then wants me to get an x-ray to try and see what is going on. I am so scared that the surgeon that did my ERCP damaged the band in some way. But right now I am just relived and am thinking of taking a tiny nap since I didnt sleep at all last night. And yeah this un-fill totally ruined my long sleeve T-shirt

Hope your week has been better than mine :)

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  1. Better to be unfilled then be totally miserable and unable to function. I hope the xray helps clear things up so you can get back on the band wagon. BTW- I've missed reading your post- but I am caught up now and will hopefully be more of constant