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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My day in pics

Let me tell you about my day using pictures. I will do a tiny subtitle with each well I aim to do a tiny lets see how it goes.

Top left: I looked out my window about 8 am this morning and the sun was shining and not a snowflake in sight, then about 5-10 minutes later that is what I saw!! like what the F!

Bottom left: This is what I came home to about 8 hours later! like the weather here is definitely schizophrenic or has a multiple personality disorder.

 Top right: This is the speed I was reduced to traveling to school! that is less than 20 km/hr (12.4 mph!). It took me 50 minutes to drive 12 km (7.4 miles) it usually just takes me 20 in heavy traffic. Patience is a virtue I have heard but I don't possess it.

Middle right: That was my lunch, garlic tortilla wrap, with honey mustard, chicken, mozzarella and cream cheese and lettuce (I hate warm lettuce so I had to have it on the side) that was just over half cup but had 23 g protein in it.

Bottom right: I am exhausted, studying this much is taking its toll so all I managed today were 36 minutes on my bike but that ammounted to 456 kcal so I cant complain. Well I could but I wont.


  1. I love pictures! (Do I sound like a kid saying that? lol) Wow, the change in the weather and in that view is extreme!Both of those pictures are so beautiful though!

  2. mother nature is deffinatly having some hormonal issues everywhere.
    the important part is that you did get a workout in!

  3. OMG SCHIZOPHRENIC Weather freakin cracked me up this morning . I so needed that :)