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Saturday, April 27, 2013

my lil baby *updated

is no more haha he is 12 years old and I was just picking up his new training uniform for soccer. He is in a size 16 and it is just right (like what the F!) and his shoe size is bigger than mine. Oh how I miss my lil man. This growing up thing is not so much fun for a mum hahahahaha.

I asked for a one week vacation from work for the first week in July and unbeknownst to me that is the time that the big soccer tournament is happening so I have signed him up for that. Its 4 days of soccer up north in our old town, too bad this whole soccer practise is so expensive, just the tournament is $255 then the summer training cost (not sure of the proper english word) thats for 3 months of practises and so on is another $310, and it will get more expensive as he grows older. But I am more than willing to pay because that means he is keeping active and exercising at least 3 times a week and not just hanging out at home in the computer like some of his friends.

I am craving salt like mad right now, not really sure why. But I am also drinking tons of water to go along with it. I think this craving thing (also for sweets) could be the result of my cramming for exams, because in human biology last year we were learning about the brain and how it works, and apparently it needs loads of sugars to work properly so the more you use it the more you need, or at least that is what the book said.

I am annoyed that I fell into chips yesterday but I have to say, I am so happy I have not done more, like usually during finals I will eat tons and tons of candy, soda and fast food, like every single day. And I have not done any of that now to speak of. That is a NSV I think. At least I am proud of it, it shows me that I can deal with stress with at least not all that crap, but I am still the same crazy person with my drama moments and all that jazz  hahahahahaha

Done my exercise for today, not nearly those 1000 kcal I said yesterday that I would do, to be honest I was just to lazy hahahaha and I still have to shower, then go give my vote for the new parliament(congress think that's the same) but I haven't got a clue who I should vote for, as I haven't had the time to read up on the different parties available. Then I still have to go shopping and all that jazz, and and and... hahaha no wonder I put the remote in the fridge when I was getting me some protein drink, not the first nor the last time that happens. See my post workout photo, I have almost no double chin from that angle BOOYAH! I am acutally rather normal looking after this workout. The veins in my cheeks run so shallow that I usually turn purple after workout or in too much heat/cold and it makes me look plain weird like honestly I go freaking purple.

Hope you all have a super duper weekend, now how do I get the ink off my nose hmmmmm


  1. Definitely an NSV. You should be proud. Congratulations.

  2. I think it's hard, especially when we're stressed, to NOT crave our favorite things. I live by the moderation rule. It works for me. I don't have cravings, because if I want something, I work it into my day's calories. :)

    Good job on finals, Mama!


  3. I agree with sara, moderation- don't deprive yourself because then if you do fall it will most likely turn into a bing, and thats not good.

  4. Sounds like you are doing GREAT! Using moderation, exercising to help with the stress, too - good for you! (And you look ridiculously good in your workout photo!)

  5. You're doing a great job, and studying definitely increases the desire for sugar, I'm suffering with that right now. You're doing so good with your workouts too! x

  6. Every time I mention that my girls are growing too fast, my oldest one hugs me and says she'll always be my baby. I love it!
    Sadly, they do grow up.
    I wish I could eat chips!