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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy summer + TTT

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 109.5 kg or 241.4 pounds
Loss this week: -1.1 kg or -2.4 pounds 
Total loss: 17.5 kg or 38.6 pounds

Happy summer today is the first day of summer here in Iceland and the weather so far is sunny and some what warm. But like the saying goes, "just wait 5 minutes" so it could do another snow spark bullshit like yesterday.

TTT is the brilliant idea of one lovely preggers Laura Belle 

1. I am taking a break from exercise, my body is sore and I have a slight headache.  Also I have been sore when I try to lie on my left side, like where my stomach is so I think it might have to do with all those ab workouts but we´ll see.

2. I am still concerned about my calorie intake because I have been using MFP and I only ingest 700-850 kcal per day and then I am burning 400-900 kcals per day so that leaves me with a tiny if not minus calories ingested.

3. I am going to do measurements today. Hoping to see a change there too.

4. I am now below 110 kg which is NSV for me, the biggest one will be getting below 100, that is like achieving getting to onederland for you guys.

5. I still crave unhealthy foods, even after not having any for a while now, been ever so good and put stuff into MFP so I can show my doc like how a week is.

6. I think I might have to have a slight fill when I meet him on May 13th. Ever since I started working out like I do, I have needed a extra meal so I am some days forced to eat 4 meals but I want to do it by the book but who knows maybe he says its OK.

7. I am home alone well not totally the kid is with me but he will be with his best friend from up north. Anywho I am home alone until Saturday and I am scared that I will fall into old habits about what to have for dinner.

8. I have been craving cake for days upon days. I wish I knew of a super healthy protein rich delicious cake but I am a super fussy eater so I am not going to hold my breath on that one. Mmmmm this cake was soo good, made it for my sons family b-day party last year.

9. I have another NSV. I no longer have those extra bags that form on the inside of your thighs when you get too heavy, I find that to be so awesome cause those annoyed my to no end.

10. I can't wait for  5 pm May 8th cause that is when my exams are over. At least if I don't fail anything.

This is a very self centered TTT since all my things begin with I. But hey its my blog so pfiff.


  1. Of course your blog should be about you, you goofball! lol Congrats on being almost done with your exams!!!

  2. Yay for the weight loss and the 2 NSVs. They're fantastic news.

    Good luck with the last of your exams.

  3. Congrats on your awesome loss!! And the NSV's! Yes you should totally blog about you! I agree with Cheri!

    Good luck! I would so want exams to be over too!

  4. Awesome NSV's anbd loss. This is your blog to say and share what you want and we are your receptive audience.

  5. That cake looks amazing!

    You are doing SO well! Congrats!