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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TTT and weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 111.0 kg or 244.7 pounds
Loss this week: -0.8 kg or -1.8 pounds 
Total loss: 16.0 kg or 35.7 pounds

Lets get the boring stuff out of the way first

Another good loss this week. Looks like I might be able to fit into that dress on June first if this keeps. I have been using my handy half cup to measure my meals and I eat a protein drink for breakfast which has 22,5 grams protein, 205 kcal, 25 grams carbs and 1.5 grams fat per 250 ml. Then for lunch I usually have skyr which is usually simular to my protein drink in carbs, protein and all that. Then its just what ever is for dinner, I sometimes sneak in another protein drink if I stay up late.

I tried a new program on my bike, this one is more about trying to keep the same speed, I tried to keep between 77-80 rpm for 27 minutes on brake 7. Then I did more weights. Total of 55 minutes and a 622 kcal and heart rate at max 186 bpm and on average 158 bpm.

Now on to the fun stuff! 

1. On my way home today I was overtook by a hearse!! a freaking black ass hearse!! don't have enough !! but like I was even driving a bit over the limit so I was like "what the fuck!" when I saw this black ass freaky car take me over on the left lane. Guess even the dead like driving fast.

2. Finals always stress me out, and I can feel myself becoming stressed because I really really need to pass Analytical chemistry this semester.

3. I am flat broke, stupid school and stupid me going to London and buying tons of new clothes. But it will be all right, middle of next month we get a refund and I will hopefully work like a maniac this summer, but it sure looks like I have not time or means for a vacation, which also means most likely not going to go to my friends wedding which will be a total bummer, but with financials the way they are it might be impossible.

4.  I really want a new look for my blog, like a personalized one like many of you have, I am going to have to go on YouTube to see how I can make that happen. Getting tired of this look and want something different, more me.

5.  It is still cold here but it has been unusually warm considering that it is still winter. I was even able to go outside in just my cardigan yesterday like that is awesome, cause my parka is getting humongous or me getting smaller, either way we don't fit each other now. I miss summer! Looking through old photos from our travels in Iceland are not helping.

6. I wish there was a clothe swap between bandsters here in Iceland because I am about to throw away good clothing, well I might donate it to charity or something if I can get my ass in a more productive mode. 

7. My gel nail kit finally came in the mail. So I am going to take an hour to put on some nails today, I have been feeling naked without them. Tried the green ones two weeks ago and took them off after a week cause the annoyed me and I am just plain weird about that.

8. My brother just had another baby boy yesterday. He was a big one just over 11 pounds. I hope I will make it to his christening since it will most likely take place round my finals since they need to do it before he gets to big for the christening dress.

9. We are going to sell our apartment up north and buy a place here in the capital. We wont be going back there since everyone else has moved away. I just hope it happens fairly quickly and we get what we want for it. I want to be in my own home, this rent is getting ridiculous and I am hoping that by buying a home the cost per month might actually go down, well in theory it should. So that's what we're gonna do after finals.

10. I am obsessed with a lot of things, like shoes, nail polish, and make up. I went a bit nuts in London when I went to Boots and Superdrug. They both had these buy 3 pay 2 sale going on and you could skip between brands. I have way to much make up now, even though it didn't cost that much it was still unnecessary but hey at least now I know how to use eyeliner, cause I bought this really good gel one from Maybelline and it rocks.

As promised this is what the dress looks in the back today. It is a size UK 18 (US 16) and that is the size below my current one, so hopefully I can zip it all the way up on June 1st so I can use it at work cause it will be so hot in that little place (has no windows other than on the front so no air circulating) 


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera"


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Love that dress. I'm sure it'll fit properly by June. Thanks for sharing.

  3. keep up the awesome job. With the right attitude, persistance and plan you will be in that dress in no time.

  4. oh and when you get a chance I would love to see what the front of the dress looks like. I bet you look awseome in it!