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Thursday, April 18, 2013

it´s thursday again

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 110.6 kg or 243.8 pounds
Loss this week: -0.4 kg or -0.9 pounds 
Total loss: 16.4 kg or 36.15 pounds

This is a comparison picture I put together yesterday. I know there is a difference, I can feel it, and I can see it on the scale, but on those pictures I cant really see it (I think that is weird because I see it in other pictures or at least in the mirror). My boyfriend said I should look at my face cause it looks like a hippo in the before picture, yup he said that and got the evil look from me. I will have to put together a better comparison picture so I can see it myself.

 Well shouldn´t we do some TTT today??

1. Iceland is living up to its name, it started snowing yesterday. Well here in the capital but it has been snowing in other parts of the country for a long while but it is weird to get such contrasting weather each day. Like sun and warm weather about +8 or +10 °C and then the day after having -2 °C and snow is not normal in my books.

2. I need to learn to do short TTT´s I babble to much and some might not wanna read so much haha

3. My son is going on his second blood test in two months today, since he has grown so much his thyroid medicine needed to be upped a bit and now we need to do another test to see if it is a right dose or if we need to do something more. He hates it but he is a true champ, having had well over 40-50 blood test since he was a kid.

4. My boyfriend finally got a birthday present from me yesterday, been to busy with work and school these past days to go buy anything, and this is what he got. The smurf is the bag I put it all in. He got two Icelandic beers, shower gel, wind dried fish (yummy soo good) + chocolate and then I bought that Bishops finger beer just for the name. 

5. I am so procrastinating today, I really should be doing analytical chemistry notes but I am watching The Voice

6. I was very happy with the scale this morning, I have not been in this region since 2007 so I am ecstatic. I am also 600 grams (1.3 pounds) from being able to say goodbye to the 110´s and it will be so sweet. Hoping it will happen next week but we will see.

7.  I took the job I was talking about the other, day (think I talked about it ) I will work two weeks full days and all of them have between 1-4 hours of overtime in the end of June so it will make up for me not working all of June like I was supposed to. I will also work some weekends and that is all overtime pay so it will make it better and I will be taking all the shifts extra in other pharmacies I can.

8. Exams are almost upon us. My first one will be on April 30th and I am getting stressed and I am trying my damned hardest not to pig out.

9. My goal for this week is to burn at least 600 kcal each day, I burnt 661 kcal yesterday and I will do it again after I take the kid to the test. 

10. I am also going to try and be more active in commenting on your blogs. I need to stop being so scared about commenting.


  1. Big difference in the side by side pics! (I would have SMACKED boyfriend though! hubs told me I had skin like a rhino once...;-D hippo/rhino...just not animals one wants to be equated to!) I want to try wind dried fish....of course EVERYTHING sounds good right now, lol. :-D

  2. You look so good!

    And that last photo just cracks me up... That's totally me!


  3. you are doing great and the picture shows it. but if my hubs had said I looked like a hippo he would have got more than a look from me. :)

  4. Congrats on your loss! I totally see a difference! You look great! And you never looked like a hippo!! Bad BF!!! Smack him for me! Don't ever be afraid to comment on my blog! I totally appreciate the comments you leave and even if I don't comment back I read every comment I get!