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Saturday, November 3, 2012

day 3

Yesterday and last night were horrible. I started getting more and more hungry, nothing I ate seemed to help. I slept very little and woke every two hours, it go so bad that at 4 am I rang the lobby to see if they could sell me some yogurt that is for breakfast. That kinda helped me but still feel really hungry even after having something to eat, it might be just acid or something but I am not liking this.

And I also have to go back to the hospital today because I have this weird red swollen line going after one of my veins on my left hand. Started yesterday and it is kind of sore so whoopy for me. Can't wait till I get home where I know where to buy stuff that will satisfy my hunger.

Going to walk to a ATM now because these funny taxis will not let me pay with a card. Lets hope I have enough energy to make it.

Update:  Went back to the hospital, got some antibiotics and some gel cause it was a swollen vein and some kind of infection in the skin. My bestie figured that out yesterday, she is really a good nurse. And now I´ve gone to the store and stocked up on soup so hopefully this night will be better than the last.


  1. Hang in there ice girl. I was kinda a mess for 3 days just pain and tired and hungry then not hungry. My Monday you'll be better

  2. The first week was horrible for me. I was in pain and my stomach wouldn't stop making noise. I promise it will get better. Sorry to hear you have to go see the doc. Hopefully they will get it figured out and make you all better.

  3. These first few days are the worst, just keep that in mind... It will get better! We've all been there.

    I had hunger pains BAD for the first few days after surgery. I had a protein shake with me and was constantly sipping, taking little sips to keep it at bay. I never consumed much so it wasn't a bad thing but it really helped me out.

  4. Hang in there, you will suddenly feel like yourself in a day or so. Glad you got some soup. Go slow and remember that some of that hunger pain could actually be gas pain. Try a gasx strip (or equivalent). When do you go home?

    1. Hi am going home later tonight, this night was so much better than the ones before, woke up every 3 hours not 2 so that is an improvement. I am taking tablets called Windeze for the gas. Will blog more when I am firmly at home. This cellulitis and swollen vein is bothering me the most.