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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Doing good

Felt my band for the first time today, or that is what I think. I was eating mandarine icecream and I thought I was eating it rather slowly. But when I was just about to finish it I felt this uncomfortable feeling where I think my stomach is. It was not pain rather something like hey! no more kind of feeling.

Cant wait till next thursday when I can start eating mushies. The first thing I am going to eat is a tuna salad with a boiled egg shredded to bits. I have been searching online for lists of foods that are considered mushy, because I can no longer just eat soups and yougurts and so on. A lot of them mention scrambled eggs, so I just put a question on fb for confirmation of that. Also I have read that a lot of the icelanders have just taken normal foods and mushed it to a pulp. So I am a bit confused at the moment. Really would have loved the doctor to mention something on this.

I am extatic to say I see a difference in my face just over a week out. My lovely bf took another set of pics today and when I compared them to the once taken before I left to the UK there is a subtle difference, most noticable round my tummy and face. So WHOOPY!!


  1. Might I suggest a specific mushy - cottage cheese topped with marinara. Very yummy!